XRevolution is an event for customer experience professionals where the get together to learn and develop their skills. When you learn new things, you give a new shape to your life and career. So, the concept of the event was: XRevolution: Reshape.

A project made with:
Paulo Assunção (Brand designer)
Isaac Serruya (Copywriter)

For this identity we decided to go with the idea of a pattern of shapes with progressive transformations, with the following logic:

1. A simple shape is iterated in a horizontal row with progressive changes in one or two of its vertices (left).

2. The horizontal row is then replicated vertically. At this time, changes are made in the vertexes that were untouched in the first iteration (right).

While this method allowed us to create all sorts of interesting patterns, it takes time to do it manually an it's very hard to imagine the final result once you start iterating the shapes. So we decided to use processing to write a simple tool that lets us create the patterns in real time and then export an svg file. If you're using a computer can play with the tool by using with the sliders below:

The cool thing about having this tool is that it let us have much richer explorations in a really short period of time. We also developed a grid system. That makes the layout as intuitive as our tool. All the shapes go in the midle of the layout and the information is always sticked to the closest edge.